There are many reasons one might decide to elevate their practice and commit to a teacher training.

For me, I reached a level where I felt I had grown as much as I could through studio classes. I was ready for a deeper understanding of the asanas, fundamentals, proper alignment and breath work. I believe that everyone has unique reasons for wanting to achieve their certification but there are some common factors that are beneficial to consider when selecting the right yoga teacher training for you.

Type of Yoga: Which one is right for you? Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram, Power Yoga, Iyengar, Restorative, Prenatal and the list goes on! Make sure your program focuses on the type of yoga that sparks your passion and will enjoy teaching as well.

Instructor:  This is one of the most important factors in my opinion. You are making a commitment to spend 200+ hours with this person, which means you need to be sure that their personality and teaching style deeply resonate with you. If you have already been taking classes with this instructor then you are probably already familiar with them; if not, this should be your number one priority.

Timing and schedule: Trainings can vary greatly between how many months they are spread out over, the days of the week you’ll be meeting and times of day they are scheduled. I would ask yourself a few questions: Are you already working a full time job? Can you only commit to a few hours per week or just on the weekends? Would it be better to participate in a 3-week intensive program and complete it as quickly as possible? There is a yoga teacher training program out there for everyone that will accommodate your schedule, know that they do exist and be patient for the one that works for you.

Local or Abroad: Do you have wanderlust for travel and want to incorporate that into your teacher training program? You are definitely in luck as there is a wide variety of trainings offered in countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Bali, India, Thailand and many more. If staying local suits your needs best, start with looking into your local studios and checking their websites for their next training program. I’d also suggest following your favorite instructors via their Facebook fan pages or any other social media outlet they use to keep their clients updated.

Credibility: There is one widely recognized association called the Yoga Alliance. This organization provides the public with a registry of teachers and schools whose training meets their standards. It would be a great idea to double check if your selected teacher training program is registered with them. 

Cost: This is a pretty significant financial investment for anyone and deserves some time spent comparison shopping.  International programs can run you $3,500+ and you also have to account for the flight on top of the certification and accommodation. If you are thinking local (which can be much more cost effective), programs can run anywhere between $1,500 to $3,000.

Ready to start looking? Here are some helpful online resources to begin your search for the perfect yoga teacher training program:

YogaWorks offers a wide range of programs in cities across the US and international. You can find 200 hour, 300 hour and 500 hour training’s offered here.

School Yoga Institute offers programs abroad in countries like Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, China, Peru and Fiji (just to name a few).

Book Yoga Retreats has a mixture of local cities and international destination training’s  The website is formatted to give you a quick view of location, price range,  date and even reviews available for reference.

Yoga Finder is a helpful directory for quickly finding local classes, retreats, workshops and teacher training programs in one spot.